Chaos Gate in the News

Chaos Gate continues to garner good reviews as more people read and appreciate the story. Robert Walch of the Salinas Californian encourages young readers to take up the book. He also offers a succinct summary of its plot. Check out what he has to say in his 4/22/11 review.

Chaos Gate,” by Robert Walton (Yorkshire Publishing; $10.99).

Local connection: Robert Walton, a community columnist for The Salinas Californian’s opinion page, is a longtime King City resident. His previous stories for children include “Joel in Tananar,” “The Dragon and the Lemon Tree” and “Flower Tumbles.”

An avid rock-climber and mountaineer, Walton has been published in the Sierra Club’s “Ascent” and in “Loose Scree,” a British publication. A dramatization of his prize-winning story “Three’s a Crowd” was broadcast on National Public Radio in 2006.

Content: This fantasy novel is set in the 17th century as the Thirty Years War disrupts a young girl’s family. Claire’s brother is killed and her parents are captured by raiders who attack the family on their way to Strasbourg. Although she is wounded, the girl escapes, but the shock of what has happened has left her mute.

Claire is discovered and comforted by an old woman and together the two begin a dangerous quest. Mere Rowan is not an ordinary woman; she is a magician who controls the portals to a number of “worlds.” Mere’s task is to defend the peaceful worlds from dark powers and evil creatures.

The kindly woman believes that what happened to Claire is the harbinger of an invasion from the chaos worlds. Along with some critters and a young Jewish boy, Mere and Claire begin an adventure fraught with danger that will determine what happens to Earth.

As the struggle intensifies, a nasty, shape-shifting lizard holds the key to whether the campaign will be victorious. If they succeed, Claire may be reunited with her parents, but if they fail, the denizens of the Chaos Portal will engulf them.

Author quote: “I’ve been privileged to teach in King City for 40 years now. The intelligence and resilience of my students inspires me. Writing for them improves both my teaching and my writing. Also, I try to create stories which will be of use to my many fine colleagues.”

Audience: This novel is intended for young readers age 10 and older. Although the novel’s eye-catching cover will capture one’s attention, it is the action-packed plot and delightful characters that will keep youngsters (and adults) glued to the page.

The novel is available at

Robert Walch of Monterey writes about Central Coast Authors for the Arts & Books page Saturday in The Salinas Californian. Contact him in care of Central Coast Authors, The Salinas Californian, 123 W. Alisal St., Salinas 93901; fax to 754-4293

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