Three’s A Crowd

A number of folks – Wayne Thompson, Dave Gregory and Mike Russell especially – have shared less than comfortable mountain bivouacs with me.  I’ve tried to strand John Miller any number of times, though never with a sufficient amount of snow and associated discomfort.  Prompted by the Kendall Mountain Festival, I wrote “Three’s a Crowd”, a skit about a bivouac, more than ten years ago.  The Shoestring Theater on KUSF produced “Three’s a Crowd as a radio play back in 2006. They did a fine job and the play got lots of air time on both KUSF and in the wider NPR world.  I never could get the short story version published, however, until now.  Dominic Kennedy, editor of the Kalkion website likes the story and has published it.  The link is below.  Writers shouldn’t play favorites, but “Three’s a Crowd” is dear to me.  The story wrote itself and is better than anything I can come up with on a normal day!  A link to it is below.  Please let me know what you think of it!

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