Morning Manzanita

I’m pleased to share with you all that my poem “Morning Manzanita” will be published in the Winter Issue of Song of the San Joaquin Quarterly.  I’m not a good judge of my own poetry, but this poem pleases me more than any I’ve written in recent years.  I wrote it last summer during a brief visit to Kings Canyon.  Between cloudbursts, floods and bears, I squeezed in a good word or two.  Also, as I was with Chip Kosty, I had to keep up my end of the wine drinking.  Ah, a poet’s travails!  Here’s the poem:

                      Morning Manzanita

 My friend stroked manzanita bark,

Smokey red,

Newborn smooth,

As she would a child’s cheek

And she laughed like sunlight bursting

Through dawn mist.

Her delight turned hikers’ heads,

For few women laugh so

Or dare allow their hands to linger

Upon such silk

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One response to “Morning Manzanita

  1. Wayne

    As usual Bob, another fine gem!

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