Chaos Gate is still good!



Friend Martin Doolan got a chance to read Chaos Gate for the first time recently.  He had this to say:

“It took me a little while to get into it at the start, when I couldn’t see why the events were happening and why I should get involved, but the short, speedy sentences and original turns of phrase and vivid mini-descriptions kept me going.

Then I realized that I just had to hang in and follow the tale, an adventure game where the characters discover a maze and hidden doors and perhaps something beyond the doors. And suddenly the chase was on, first by guards and then by Sweetums, a terrifying character with its purposeful, powerful, dogged, unstoppable drive to kill our heroes.

Then the tale speeds up further, with imaginative and surprising twists and turns coming at increasing speed. As reader, I was now on a roller-coaster. And the ending (before the epilogue to quieten the spirits) is no let-down but an exciting just-in-time culmination.

I thoroughly enjoyed Chaos Gate. I know the genre, but this was a gripping version with, of course, your skill with short, precise ‘action’ sentences (no fat on them to slow them down) and succinct ‘descriptive’ sentences to help us visualize the scene.

I guess it was as much fun for you writing it as it was for me reading it. Some of the adrenalin you must have experienced when coming up with your creative imaginings cross the page to enter the reader’s world and provide an engrossing, entertaining read.”

All of you who don’t know my book, please take note!  It’s still available on Amazon!

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