Tang Dynasty poetry for middle school kids


Photo by Jon Walton

John Miller and I have great, though far too infrequent, conversations over campfires.  Our most recent talk over embers at Courtright resulted in this poetry unit.  John asked me to look into classical Chinese poetical forms.  He has a plan for an enhanced Minecraft unit with poems embedded in the world the kids construct. I played around with Tang Dynasty forms and came up with a few that should be accessible to 6th graders and serve as models for their own writing.  At any rated, I’ve posted the unit at Teachers Pay Teachers http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Poetry-for-Middle-School-Students-1394002

 Far Snows

     Wind in fragrant pines is with me

Singing of life’s small harmony

     With melt-water’s descent from ice

For senses only now suffice.

              Sunlight glints on peaks black and torn,

        On blue snows where wind was born.

         Cock-robin, saucy on a branch nearby,

     Awaits my smile before he’ll fly.

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