“Rise Above” is out!


Steve Roper and Al Steck created and recreated “Ascent” for more than thirty years. It was the premier journal for mountaineering photography, art and literature, both fiction and memoir. When they stepped away from the immense work each volume required, the publication became history. An enormous void took its place. There is now no meeting place where climbers can share and reflect upon the best of their images, the best of their words, the most intense of their experiences.

Most of my climbing fiction has gone begging these past ten years. I wrote “Moroni” far too late to have it considered for inclusion in “Ascent”, but it’s a good climbing story, one of my best. Imagine my gratitude to editor and publisher Cassie Newell that she agreed with my assessment of “Moroni” and offered it in Rise Above, her new e-book collection of prize-winning short stories. Please follow the link below to peruse Rise Above.


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