Plato, Leonard Cohen and Lost Valley


l-cohen-album-backWhen my sons were small, we drove across deserts, mountains and plains to reach Iowa, often leaving before dawn so they could sleep. Leonard’s ladies of the harbor and Suzanne sang us through sagebrush wastes and endless Nebraska wheat. Years passed and older son Jeremy became friends with Lorca, Leonard’s daughter. Lonely miles eased by good songs and my son’s friendship prompt me to offer   this poem in Leonard’s memory.


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2 responses to “Plato, Leonard Cohen and Lost Valley

  1. Bonnie Haas

    California is simply the “it” state….I, too, am a mid-western transplant and had the fortune to live in for decades and explore the wonderfully diverse land of highest and lowest, tallest, hottest…with coast lines sublime and redwoods divine. This poem captured a small segment of time in which the magic of California’s oranges and Hollywood and Disneyland, the Sierras, Yosemite, and glorious 101 on which the reveries of Leonard still resonate in my heart….California dreamin…thank you, Bob, and thank you dear Leonard, whose soul will live for generations through his mystical labyrinth of words that reach deep into our hearts.

    • Thanks, Bonnie. You embraced all the things I hoped to evoke. We’ll need Leonard and California Dreamin’ more than ever in coming years. Sisters of Mercy – please stick around.

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