Alien Dimensions #17 got a good review!

Here’s a review of Alien Dimensions # 17 just published on Amazon:

“Short but sweet. While there are only seven pieces in this anthology, some of them could easily become classics. My favorite is Tomorrow’s Children by James Armer. His story, told from a robot’s POV, covers the accelerated lifecycle of an alien life form that comes from the sea, builds civilizations, fights until only one survives, and then returns to the sea to start the entire cycle again. Very multi-layered without being preachy. I also loved Mothermind by Robert M. Walton. He doesn’t sugarcoat how war is good for business, but follows the revolution of Mothers who don’t approve of their clone offspring being sold to fight unending wars for big business. Timely and personal. An anthology with some heart and soul. Very enjoyable.”  Thomas Howard




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