Saturday Writers awards “Duck Plucking Time” first place!

Mallard duck, Anas platyrhynchos, at Northwest Trek Wildlife Park.

I’m pleased and most honored that “Duck Plucking Time” was awarded first place in Saturday Writers’ March short fiction contest. I’m looking forward to the autumn publication of the contest anthology and will let all know when it comes out. I should add that this story was based on a true incident. Old friend Ed McKean  spent his childhood in the Jim Crow South and a campfire reminiscence of his planted the seeds of the story in my mind. The ghosts of Jim Crow that now stride openly across our land impelled me to write it. I’m ashamed of what happened before and fear what may happen again. The contest judge’s comments:

“This story flowed well from beginning to end. The voices of Jessie and Emma mirrored the voices of black people during that era perfectly. The reality of how they lived and what they lived withand through is real in every sense of the word based on past historical references.”

Here’s a link to Saturday Writers in case you wish to support their worthy efforts:

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