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Mary’s House

The Virgin Marys House 10_8_07

Phyllis, Jon and I visited Jeremy in Turkey in 2006.  We had many fine adventures and I kept track of them in my journal.  Some of you are familiar with various of the journal entries.  This one – one of my favorites – just found a home at the Writers’ Drawer website.

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Istanbul Nights

As many of you know, Phyllis and I shared a great adventure with our sons in 2006.  We visited Jeremy in Istanbul for several weeks and also traveled widely across Turkey.  Jeremy’s amazing linguistic competence and deep knowledge of Turkish culture afforded us all a far richer experience than ordinary tourists can imagine, much less achieve.  Jon’s brilliance with his camera crystallized special moments of our adventure.  I kept a journal.  At long last, one small segment of my journal has been published.  We had Iskender with Arzu on the Asian side of the Bosphorus.  The link is below.

After the ferry ride, before Iskender

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