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Dawn Drums for Reader’s Choice Award!


Dawn Drums was just accepted by the Reader’s Choice Awards for 2017 in the historical fiction category. If you’re so inclined please go to the site (link below) and give my book a vote. It’s on page fourteen of the voting section.


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Dawn Drums and Lincoln


Abraham Lincoln was a great president and an even more amazing human being. I folded many of his words and many great anecdotes about him into my novel. Spending time with him, as I did when writing Dawn Drumsis the best way I know of to reaffirm your love for America. I hope and trust that, because of Lincoln, reading my book will uplift and inspire you.

Moonlight Mesa Associates is graciously offering Dawn Drums for sale in November. The 35% discount for individual sales is barely above their costs. The unadvertised discount for school orders is 50%. Teacher friends, if you get your school to order some copies, you’ll get them at cost. This sale is only available through the publisher. Forget about Amazon! Requests for signed copies will be forwarded to me and I’ll expedite the delivery as fast as I can. Here’s the URL:

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Chaos Gate Unit on TPT

This guy belongs on your Kindle!

This guy belongs on your Kindle!

My Chaos Gate sprang from my admiration of both C.S. Lewis’s Narnia stories and J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit. It was published in 2011 by Yorkshire Press and I’d like to reimind everybody that it is still available on Amazon.  To that end, I’ve offered its first chapter as a self-contained short story in hopes that students might like it and wish to get the book. This chapter may be used either as a unit for the whole class or as a sponge activity. The materials include comprehension questions, writing prompts and the entire text of the first chapter. Do check it out!

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Reciprocal Teaching/Learning for “Trick or Treat”


Surface Question:  What was the bad man called?

Answer with a word or a phrase:

Deep Question:  Do you think the ending of this story was a surprise?

Answer with a complete sentence and explain your answer with several more sentences.  Refer to the story’s text to prove your answer:

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The Tudor Variations


Thomas Tallis, Renaissance composer and musical genius, lived from 1505 to 1585 in England.  I’ve admired his music since I was a youth, but only recently became curious how he lived so long in an age when heads literally rolled.  Beryl Belsky has kindly posted my speculations on her Writer’s Drawer site.  Take a peek if you don’t mind an offbeat (pun intended!) story.

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Sherlock Climbs Again!

The editors at Saturday Writers of the Missouri Writers Guild just awarded my Sherlock Holmes pastiche “Sign of Camp Four” 2nd place in their August 2012 contest.  Sherlock, Watson and Mrs. Hudson visit Yosemite Valley.  Romance, adventure and, of course, attempted murder, ensue.  I wrote this story some years ago and had great fun doing so.  I’m glad it will see print in the Guild’s anthology.  Don’t worry!  I’ll be sure to let you all know when it comes out.  The game will be afoot — in climbing shoes.

Not Quite Yosemite Falls

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“Mel’s Tours” receives SF prize

How about a Mustang convertible?

L.A. is a pretty easy place to satirize.  Such a huge target!  Such multiple excesses!  The editors at Saturday Writers of the Missouri Writers Guild agree.  They just awarded my SF story “Mel’s Tours” 2nd place in their June 2012 contest.  What if some of L.A.’s endemic problems are just a tourist attraction?  I’m a lifelong fan of Mel Brooks and I trust Mel will forgive me for borrowing him for this fantasy ride.

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