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An IN THE AIR Excerpt: “Aeolian Variations” by Robert Walton

Music is far more important than we think. I’m always happy to explore this axiom in a story and “Aeolian Variations” is one of my best efforts so far. I am proud to have it in this handsome anthology! Please do take a peek at this excerpt from Aeolian Variations!

via An IN THE AIR Excerpt: “Aeolian Variations” by Robert Walton

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by | May 13, 2019 · 11:56 am

Aeolian Variations – In The Air

In The Air is now available on Kindle. My story Aeolian Variations – a look at future L.A. – is included. It’s one of my better SF stories and the anthology is superior! Here’s the Amazon link:


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Up in the Air – A Conversation about Aeolian Variations

I have a story in this most interesting anthology. I thought you all might find my conversation about it with Editor Alisha Costanzo entertaining! The book will be coming soon. Watch for its publication here!



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