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The Civil War after Covid

Battle is joined.

Teachers and re-enactors created a dynamic civics classroom at San Lorenzo Park on May 20th. The students of Chalone Peaks Middle School participated with energy and intelligence. They emerged with experiences they’ll remember their entire lives, lessons about honor, sacrifice and the price of freedom for all.  

We began our day at King City Cemetery by honoring Civil War veterans buried there. Students read “Shiloh”, a great poem by Herman Melville. President Lincoln offered remarks about the difficult, crucial service the soldiers rendered. A rifle volley, a hymn played by Chris Andrew and taps ended our ceremony. We then marched on to battles, seminars and the Gettysburg Address.

Ed Haskell took great photos of the day. Please enjoy his work and the efforts of our young people.

Confederates march
Anxious Confederates
Union soldiers fire.
Cannons fire.
Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth share stories about the lives of slaves.
Lincoln gathers his thoughts before delivering the Gettysburg Address.
The battle continues.
Brother kills brother.
Lincoln’s words uplift.

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