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“Moroni” is published in SciFan

I tussled with this story (from 3,000 words down to 900 and back again!) before I got it right, so that’s probably why it’s one of my favorites. Also, I got to write about the Palisades! I got the idea from a long ago climbing trip during which partner Wayne Thompson took a brief dive into one of the North Pal glacier’s crevices.  Pick it up on Amazon:  https://www.amazon.com/SciFanTM-Magazine-May-2017-Editorial-ebook/dp/B071R56XS4/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&qid=1493212003&sr=8-6&keywords=scifan+magazine&linkCode=sl1&tag=blooandshad03-20&linkId=c0876a807379eaf2304f033db38540a7


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“Moroni” takes first place!

eBook Me Up Contest Logo 1st Place

There are times when a story doesn’t come right until it’s been rewritten again and again. “Moroni” is my all time revisions champ, with more than a dozen versions in my computer. Finally, though, I felt that the story’s narrative fell into its simplest line and the characters spoke clearly. Editor Cassie Newell and the judges of the e-Book Me Up short story contest agreed and awarded it first place. I’m most pleased and honored by this recognition of “Moroni, especially after the extended tussle it gave me! The contest winners and finalists will be published on Amazon sometime this month. I’ll let you know when this happens. Here’s a link to eBook Me Up:


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