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Venom in Visitant

I fondly remember walks through the high Mojave with my grandfather. This poem visits those memories. I thank the editors at Visitant for sharing it. Please take a peek!


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Condor Country


I’ve told this story over dinner enough times for most of my friends to have heard it twice. Here’s a printed version I hope you won’t mind revisiting again, or, if you’re new to me and to Pinnacles, I hope it will offer an enticement to visit the Park. Also, it was a great way to share Ed’s amazing pictures! Sorry, the link is no longer available.

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According to Adam


I first wrote Joaquin’s Gold more than thirty years ago.  I used it in my classes and revised it many times.  I later wrote half a dozen other stories featuring Joaquin Murrieta as my protagonist.  Five of these stories have been published in print and on line.  Now, Joaquin’s Gold has found a home in According to Adam, the Writers’ Drawer website’s just published anthology.  I’m most appreciative that editor Beryl Belsky included it in this fine collection.  For you teacher types, I’ll mention that my complete Common Core lesson plans for teaching this story are available on TPT.  Pertinent links are below:

Here’s the Amazon link:


Here’s the TPT link:



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Poetry Reprise

Tuolumne 2 copy

Photo by Jon Walton

Those of you who enjoy my poetry may find five of my favorites on Verse-Virtual’s September page.  Seeing a group of my poems stirs my interest in assembling a book.  I’d want to employ a certain photographer, however, and the kid is busy!


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Joaquin’s Gold is on TPT


“Joaquin’s Gold” is a western adventure set in 19th Century California. Its main character is Joaquin Murrieta, the famous bandit. It’s based on Central California legends and is set in Pinnacles National Park. I wrote it for my 8th grade students thirty years ago and have rewritten it many times since.  Beryl Belsky kindly published the story on her Writer’s Drawer website, but the link is no longer available

I’ve made both the story’s text and a common core short story unit for “Joaquin” available on the TPT site:


Joaquin has become one of my favorite characters.  I’ve written eight stories for him and for California long before freeways.  I hope to make them all available for teachers in the next few years!

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My brother and I used to walk through the high desert east of L.A. with our grandfather when I was nine and Marty was seven. We walked far and had adventures we never shared with our grandmother, but I’ll share one now with you folks. Here’s a link to a poem: http://fictionique.com/?p=19683DownloadedFile-2

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