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Sequoia in Verse Virtual

This is a picture of the Watch Tower, which stands above Tokopah Falls. It’s in the Grant tree’s neighborhood – sort of – and I like that rock!

Poets often experience more than their share of rejection and isolation, so Verse Virtual has become a friendly haven for many. It’s more of a community than a publication, but it does produce a monthly journal. I’ve got one small poem in the April edition. I thank Editor James Lewis for including it!  Sequoia was originally published in Your Daily Poem, Editor Jayne Jaudon.


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Photo by Ed Jon Walton

Chip Kosty and I squeezed in a quick camping trip to Sequoia in June. We hiked, cooked and , of course, visited the big trees. I spent some time sitting on a bench, taking the place in and some good words came to me. I shared them with editor Jayne Jaudon and she shared them on Your Daily Poem. Here’s the link:



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Big Stump Ghost on KBR


Photo by Ed Haskell

Not so many years ago, my kids sat around campfires listening to ghost stories told by Ed McKean, among others.  Ed’s “The Big Stump Ghost” was pretty silly, but it was one of their favorites and got retold unnumbered times.  If he ever changed a detail, they called him on it!  My version is not much like Ed’s, but it captures his story-telling style pretty well.  Take a peek at it on Kids’ Book Review:


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