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The Wave


Artist and musician Ginny Morgan and I became friends in 1965. We’re still friends. Covid denies her music right now, so she’s turned again to art. She recently paired a very old poem of mine with a wonderful new painting of hers. I hope it will lift your spirits as it has mine!

“In 1965, I received this poem from Bob Walton. I’ve kept a copy ever since and each time I paint a wave, the beautiful and moving words come back to me. Here is the poem and a recent wave painting from Big Beach.”

The Wave
By Robert Walton

I stood naked, afraid
On quivering, wind-slivered sand.
Silence was my heart,
As from far,
Far in the green, deep midnight
Of the sea-
Came hands of dark jade –
Risen from blackness,
Reached up with fingers of mist
To grasp gold-frosted air,
The sun.
Great straining wrists of emerald glass
Shattered into mocking fragments,
Gushed out death in white, fatherless foam,
Ended life that never lived.
The crusher of all sounds
Was its own knell.
Those proud, dying waves beckoned.
I went to them –
White, freckled water’s
Thousand icy needles
Pricking my nakedness.
A sun-gloved hand
Swept high,
Seized my body,
Plunged me into its surge,
Its caress –
As when lovers have breathed the sweetness
Of each other’s love.
Then a kiss—
The soft clinging of twilight to darkness;
The softer rustle of foam
Ending our embrace—
A kiss.

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