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Camino D’Oro


A poem is a house of cards. A wisp of stray air – one misplaced word – will tumble it into meaningless or (worse!) ridiculous fragments. Even poets with the greatest genius, the surest craft can be humbled by a poem, especially so if it’s conceived in one of the classic forms. I’ll sometimes attempt to obey the discipline of these forms. Most recently, the Society of Classical Poets has accepted a villanelle of mine. I’ll be interested to know how you think I did! Here’s the link: http://classicalpoets.org/camino-doro-a-villanelle-by-robert-walton/#comments


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A Villanelle and more!

A selection of my previously published poems is appearing in the new eZine poetry journal Verse-Virtual.


I am grateful that editor Firestone Feinberg chose “Dawn Drums”, the villanelle I composed to begin my novel of the same name, as the lead poem. I spent a lot of time on that villanelle! It was a case of a poem grabbing the poet and hauling him kicking and screaming to better craftsmanship!

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