WELCOME! I’ve dedicated my life to literacy and literature for young people. I’m sixty-five and don’t intend to change my focus now. I hope that this site will contribute to both! I hope it will be of use to kids, parents and teachers who love to read.

I’m in the process of creating several resources to go along with each chapter. Visit these links to view and download the materials.




One response to “Resources

  1. Robin Earnest, J.D., LL.M.

    Robert, I really enjoyed reading “Chaos Gate.” It is an imaginative, well-plotted book, with deep characters. Undeniably the book itself is a real treat. Also of great appeal are the accompanying teaching exercises, which encourage young minds to look beyond the surface meaning of the text and become better writers (even thinkers) in the process. As an English instructor at the University of Maryland I applaud your efforts to increase students’ literacy skills and awareness in this way: Bravo!

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