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“Avarice” is almost here!

I’m alone again . . .

My climbing story “Fallen Angel” is included in the latest anthology of the Seven Deadly Sins series. Avarice will come out on April 3rd, but its cover is here already. I thought I’d share it with you all.


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Across the Rolling Waters


A very short SF story of mine was published today in “Farther Stars Than These”. I’ve found that human beings will suffer much and risk a great deal to peek around the corner, even if the corner is light years away. Please peruse my tale and  let me know what you think of the starship Billie Holiday. Here’s the link:


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Enemy of my Enemy

Enemy of my Enemy, an SF story of mine, was included in the just published anthology Deep Waters, Volume 2. How do you deal with an enraged, lethally armed teenager of another species? Good question. I had fun with story and hope that you will too! Here’s the link:


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Protocol C



We’re going to make space our own and live out there, perhaps sooner than we think. Most of our problems will move with us and acquire new wrinkles.  I offer a few speculations on what a doctor might encounter while serving on a space station in my new SF story Protocol C.  The Flash Fiction Press has just published it and you may take a peek at the address below:


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Kill the Coffeeboilers!


Third Flatiron has just published Hyperpowers – Anthology Book 16 (Kindle Edition) and I’ve got a story in it.  I encourage all of my Civil War friends to guess which CW battle I’ve transplanted into my space opera. I hope you’ll have fun with this bit of light satire!   Here’s the Amazon link:


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Allegory E-zine publishes Billy Starbuck


Some stories fight, bite and scratch while you’re writing them. Billy Starbuck was one of these, dragging me through a dozen rewrites. It’s published at last, however! I thank Ty Drago, managing editor of Allegory E-zine, for working with me on it. Also, I tip my hat to Herman Melville, from whom I still gather inspiration. Great echoes from Moby Dick lend substance to Billy. Thanks, Herman!


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Brilliant Flash Fiction’s Photo Prompt – Contest Results


I’m pleased to have my story achieve the shortlist for this competition. I had a lot of fun writing it and hope readers will enjoy it at least as much as I did! Scroll down to find Undocumented Aliens.

BRILLIANT flash fiction

Jessica Knauss

Laurie Scavo Photo Credit: Theron Trowbridge Laurie Scavo
Photo Credit: Theron Trowbridge

Contest Judge
Laurie Scavo
Brilliant Flash Fiction
Webmaster & Photographer
Read more about Laurie HERE!


Stairs to the Beach
By Jessica Knauss

Josie had the tunnel-staircase built because the children were fed up with the clifftop ocean view and no easy way to get to the beach below. To the children’s uproarious approval, I proposed a slide, so they could zip down onto the soft shore and get all their energy out swimming, building sandcastles, and trying to run on the tractionless surface of the sand. Then they would have to walk a mile or so around the cliff, back to the house, and I wouldn’t hear a peep out of them the rest of the day, I was sure. I could practice the viola or watch films that weren’t oriented toward children…

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