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Tanka Journal #3 – just published! – included one of mine

tanka 3

Friend and Colleague John Miller recruited me to contribute to his teaching unit on Medieval Japan a couple of years ago. Some of the tanka I wrote turned out pretty well and one just got published in the Tanka Journal # 3. Here’s a link to the online journal:


and here’s one to the book:


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Rose Window


It’s not wasted time for me to submit to the disciplines of meter and rhyme. Occasionally I’ll get a formal poem right, though it may take awhile. Writing such poetry is like sculpture, like finishing a marble statue one considered stroke at a time.   See what you think of Rose Window and my other efforts at the Society of Classical Poets site.


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First Parting

The Society for Classical Poets published a poem of mine I began many years ago after Jo Hansen died.  I’ve been to many funerals since and each helped me shape this poem.  It feels right now.  IMG_0469Here’s the link:


And here’s a photo by Jon Walton – just for the heck of it!

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Stars from a Different Sky



Editor Evan Mantyk graciously placed this poem on his classical poetry site the Society of Classical Poets.  Formal poems take years of work for me to get into final form.  This one was no different, though I think the discipline was good for me.  I had to lose superfluous words and tinker, tinker, tinker with the meter.  It now says what I’d hoped it would.


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