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Sockdologizer takes 1st place

I just received the official award certificate for “Sockdologizer”. It won first place in a most competitive contest and I’m proud of the result. You teachers out there, please take a look at the activities I’ve prepared for this story on TPT. They include a scripted reading of the story – a most powerful teaching tool!


And Part 2


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Lesson Plans for Lulu


My Lulu Garlic, Contraband was recently recorded and broadcast by KVPR, an NPR affiliate. It is now available as a free podcast and is fifty minutes in length. Here is the link:


The story includes both Harriet Tubman and Abraham Lincoln as main characters. It details events from the last year of our Civil War. Teachers, should you wish to have your students listen to it, I’ve provided listening logs, directed reading assignments, reciprocal teaching assignments and three poster options. I think both the story and the assignments are suitable for 8th graders and up. All are free and here is the link:


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Lee and Grant confer

Mr. Miller and I try to figure out what happens next!Lee:Grant


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Battle is joined

Blue lineStudents and teachers recreated the final charge at First Manassas or Bull Run.

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President Lincoln attends ceremony

President Lincoln offered remarks at our 2012 ceremony in the King City cemetery.  He urged us to call our soldiers’ service to mind.  Linc:cem

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Honoring Civil War Veterans at King City Cemetery

The students and teachers of Chalone Peaks Middle School pause at the King City cemetery during their march to the reenactment at San Lorenzo Park and conduct a brief ceremony honoring the Civil War veterans interred there.  Cemetery 2012

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