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Interview with Trin Carl

Pinnacles climbing on 12/10/17

Minnesota writer Trin Carl recently interviewed me for his blog. He asked thoughtful questions about my writing process and allowed me to ramble on. I even got to share my reminiscence about Tony Hillerman! I think you’d all enjoy the exchanges, so I’ve included a link below. Please do let him know you visited!



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The Gettysburg Address – its power grows.

The Monterey Pops performed a great concert at Stanton Theater in King City on November 11th. I was honored to provide narration for one of their pieces – A New Birth of Freedom by Randol Bass. The text? Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. I got a lot of help from the Pops, but Lincoln’s words needed no help at all. He made it clear forever what being an American means and requires. Thanks, Abe.

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Youth Imagination Features Bogerd!

I’m pleased and honored that Editor Sue Babcock chose to feature Demon’s Due in the current issue of Youth Imagination. The story details another adventure of Bogerd, my middle aged viking character. I’ve long admired Fritz Leiber and especially his berserker Fafhrd. Bogerd is what Fafhrd might be like should he achieve grandfatherhood. The link is below:


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Dawn Drums for Reader’s Choice Award!


Dawn Drums was just accepted by the Reader’s Choice Awards for 2017 in the historical fiction category. If you’re so inclined please go to the site (link below) and give my book a vote. It’s on page fourteen of the voting section.


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Aurora Wolf Publishes a Bogerd Story!


Interested in Viking Berserker stories? My Bogerd is a berserker, but a decent one and a grandfather, too – perhaps something like Fritz Leiber’s Fafhrd in his declining years? I thank editor Michael Pennington for including it in this issue of Aurora Wolf!


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The Bigger Picture: Reflections on the Great War

No American soldiers offered greater courage or suffered worse conditions than those who fought in World War I. Our country suffered 320,000 casualties (116,500 killed) in little more than a year of combat. Those sacrifices are mostly unremembered now, tragically so. Stern lessons, dearly purchased, were learned in the trenches and recorded by great writers: Rupert Brooke’s poems, “Good-bye to All That by Robert Graves, Remarque’s “All’s Quiet on the Western Front”, Vera Brittain’s “A Testament of Youth” and Hemingway’s “A Farewell to Arms”. More recent writers have also shone light on the conflict’s darkest ditches: Mark Helprin’s “A Soldier of the Great War” and – especially for me – Paul Fussell’s “The Great War and Modern Memory”. I wish Americans would read these books. I wish Americans would learn from what others have sacrificed to teach. I wish Americans would learn to  remember.

The United Kingdom lost a generation of young men to The Great War. That loss is suffered still and several years ago many ceremonies and activities commemorated the hundredth anniversary of its beginning. Among them was a writing competition conducted by the Saveas Writers’ Group. A story of mine about World War I was awarded a prize and has at last been published in the competition anthology. The Bigger Picture: Reflections on the Great War is now available on Amazon. It’s worth your time.



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A House Reunited

Joined in respect at the cemetery

Our Civil War teaches lessons still, important ones about honor, sacrifice and the price of freedom for all. Teachers and re-enactors created a dynamic civics classroom at San Lorenzo Park on May 12th. The students of Chalone Peaks Middle School entered it with energy and intelligence. They emerged with experiences they’ll remember their entire lives, experiences that will be the seeds of good citizenship. We began our day at King City Cemetery by honoring Civil War veterans buried there. Students read “Shiloh”, a great poem by Herman Melville. President Lincoln offered remarks about the difficult, crucial service the soldiers rendered. A rifle volley and taps ended our ceremony. We then marched on to battles, seminars and the Gettysburg Address.

Dave Park took great photos of the day. Please enjoy his work and the efforts of our students.

On the march

Honoring those who served


They’re here!

Cannon Fire

Pickett’s charge on the 3rd day of Gettysburg

 Meeting the charge

Joined hands at war’s end

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