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A Poem Honored by Saturday Writers

I belong to a very active, very supportive writers’ group called Saturday Writers. They just awarded a poem of mine first place in their spring contest. I am most pleased and honored!

February, March and April Poetry Contest ​
Themes: Mountains, Bodies of Water & Prairies 

First Place: Robert Walton for Caesura
Second Place: Susan Gore Zahra for Kansas Snapshots
Third Place: Billie Holladay Skelley for Mountain Lovers
Honorable Mention:Cathleen Callahan for Letter from the Frontier Prairie
Honorable Mention:Carol Roberson for The Church on the Hill 
Honorable Mention:Donna Mork Reed for Solitary Bird

Here’s the poem:


Burgundy leaves,

Swaying in October breezes

Escaped from coming winter,

Dip toward a brook

Soon to be ice,

Its chimes and murmurs

Not yet muted —

A conversation 

To be resumed

When bursting buds

Open emerald eyes

In May.


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Fields near King City

The Pandemic is awful, but avoiding it affords time to revisit older writings. I went back thirty years and worked on a couple of rough drafts. Spillwords kindly published the poem that resulted. Here’s the link:

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Saunter on by!


I thank editor Jayne Jaudon for including my “Another Dance Tonight” in Your Daily Poem. We could all use some music and some golden lanterns about now.


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Song for all Seasons

Artist – Andrea Clarkson

 I’ve played in orchestras for more than sixty years now and I remain in awe of string players, especially cellists. I wrote a small poem recently inspired by my decades of admiration for the instrument and the wonderful people who play it. I thank editor Jayne Jaudon for including it in Your Daily Poem.


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A Poem in Praxis

Photo by Mohamed Hassan

Praxis Magazine is an elegant journal of contemporary thought and literature. I thank Praxis editors for including a recent poem of mine in their publication. Here’s a link:


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