“Moroni” takes first place!

eBook Me Up Contest Logo 1st Place

There are times when a story doesn’t come right until it’s been rewritten again and again. “Moroni” is my all time revisions champ, with more than a dozen versions in my computer. Finally, though, I felt that the story’s narrative fell into its simplest line and the characters spoke clearly. Editor Cassie Newell and the judges of the e-Book Me Up short story contest agreed and awarded it first place. I’m most pleased and honored by this recognition of “Moroni, especially after the extended tussle it gave me! The contest winners and finalists will be published on Amazon sometime this month. I’ll let you know when this happens. Here’s a link to eBook Me Up:


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Darcy’s Tent – Banner Peak, High Sierras, 1983


photo by Ansel Adams

Banner saddle copy

This photo is from our return visit in 1985. Michael takes a break with the Banner-Ritter saddle in the distance.

“I have climbed there once. One of the most beautiful places in the Sierras. The reflective 1000 Island Lakes, Banner and Ritter Peaks and the icy, cramponed scramble to their summits. But fortunately, it wasn’t like this typical Walton adventure. Lol.” – Wayne Thompson, climber and photographer

Wayne perfectly captured the essence of what Michael and I had in mind, so I took the liberty of quoting him here. Michael and I tended to learn our mountain lessons the hard way. We still do.


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Steam Whistle


I’m pleased and honored to again have a story published by Kids Book Review! Steam Whistle is a good story to share with grandkids and I hope you grandparents among my readers will give it a try!


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Yosemite in May


Yosemite Falls

Aspen leaves tremble within

The bursting arc

Of your morning flight.

A fall of buttercups,

Tumbling saffron explosions,


But no less joyful,

Follow you

To the sea.


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Civil War at San Lorenzo Park

Students and teachers of Chalone Peaks Middle School close each school year with a history and civics project – a day long reenactment of events from our Civil War.  Here are some of Ed Haskell’s great pictures from the 15th annual Civil War reenactment.

Union line

Students, teachers, parents and guests honor Civil War veterans interred at King City Cemetery.


Lee and Lincoln

Lee and Lincoln greet each other after a the ceremony.

skirmish 2

Hostilities commence with a skirmish between pickets.


Cannons roar!

Lee leads

Confederates attack!

Union D copyThe Union defends!


Harriet Tubman speaks with students.

Lincoln troops

President Lincoln addresses the troops


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Lesson Plans for Lulu


My Lulu Garlic, Contraband was recently recorded and broadcast by KVPR, an NPR affiliate. It is now available as a free podcast and is fifty minutes in length. Here is the link:


The story includes both Harriet Tubman and Abraham Lincoln as main characters. It details events from the last year of our Civil War. Teachers, should you wish to have your students listen to it, I’ve provided listening logs, directed reading assignments, reciprocal teaching assignments and three poster options. I think both the story and the assignments are suitable for 8th graders and up. All are free and here is the link:


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Lulu Garlic, Contraband

Lincoln DD_1


A story of mine was chosen for broadcast on NPR and tonight is the night! The program is Valley Writers Read and it begins at seven. If you can’t catch the broadcast, it will be available in the KVPR archives for at least six months. Please pass the good word along! A link to the podcast is below.
P.S. They picked a great reader for the story!

P.P.S. I’ll be putting up lesson plans for this story on TPT in the very near future.  I’ll let you all know when I’ve got them ready!


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