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Chalone Peaks Middle School 2018 Civil War Reenactment

Students and teachers of Chalone Peaks Middle School once again created a great event yesterday. Helped by parents and loyal reenactors, everyone worked together to make the 2018 Civil War reenactment a learning experience without equal. History came alive before young people’s eyes and will live in their minds always.

Author at work  (Photo by Vibeke Hanneman)

Lincoln sharing his thoughts  (Photo by Vibeke Hanneman)

Harriet Tubman revealing the evils of slavery.  (Photo by Vibeke Hanneman)

Confederates advance  (Photo by Vibeke Hanneman)

Union soldiers defend.  (Photo by Vibeke Hanneman)

BOOM!  (Photo by Vibeke Hanneman)

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Mission Days 2016

mission me

Photo by Phyllis Walton

“Mission Days” at San Antonio de Padua both celebrates the early history of Central California and raises funds for restoration of the Mission buildings. This year’s event took place on April 2nd and was a great success. Gold-panning, brick-making, black-smithing, cowboy-singing, acorn-grinding, candle-making, wildflower-hiking were – among many others – activities one could engage in. All was topped off by Rosa Pacheco’s BBQ and a concert by the New World Baroque Orchestra. I squeezed in some story-telling – Ask me how the kangaroo rat got its paint brush of a tail! – and some book signing.


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Civil War at San Lorenzo Park

Students and teachers of Chalone Peaks Middle School close each school year with a history and civics project – a day long reenactment of events from our Civil War.  Here are some of Ed Haskell’s great pictures from the 15th annual Civil War reenactment.

Union line

Students, teachers, parents and guests honor Civil War veterans interred at King City Cemetery.


Lee and Lincoln

Lee and Lincoln greet each other after a the ceremony.

skirmish 2

Hostilities commence with a skirmish between pickets.


Cannons roar!

Lee leads

Confederates attack!

Union D copyThe Union defends!


Harriet Tubman speaks with students.

Lincoln troops

President Lincoln addresses the troops


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Gettysburg Remembered

Son Jeremy and I walked over the battlefield at Gettysburg on a mild June evening in 2009.  I recorded my thoughts in a journal and would like to share them on the 150th anniversary of the battle.  Beryl Belsky, editor of The Writer’s Drawer, has published my remarks.  The link is below.

http://www.thewritersdrawer.net/gettysburg-revisited.htmlblue line 2jpg copy

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Peace Again, May 10th, 2013

After our reenactment of Picket’s Charge at Gettysburg, we celebrate a safe event.  _DSC0656_DSC0657_DSC0669

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Lee and Grant confer

Mr. Miller and I try to figure out what happens next!Lee:Grant


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Battle is joined

Blue lineStudents and teachers recreated the final charge at First Manassas or Bull Run.

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