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Don Francisco Rides to La Paz

Suggestions made by Scribophile members helped me get this story up to speed and encouraged me to share this with the wider world. It requires a leap of faith from readers – and publishers, too. Thanks, Beryl Belsky!


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Dogwood Dream finds a new venue

 My very short story “Dogwood Dream” was just republished on the Quail Bell site.  I’ve put a link below, though many of you have read it before.  It’s based on my childhood experiences in Alabama and on stories told by my Grandmother Carrie Martin.  This story is very special to me.  I don’t think I can write any better and I’m grateful to have it on a new venue.

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Dogwood Dream

The “Steel Toe Review”, a fine journal of contemporary Southern Arts and Literature, just published my “Dogwood Dream”.  I am most honored to have it included in this journal and pleased that people will be able to read it.  The link is below.  This story was singled out last year by winning the  “New Millennium Writingsshort fiction award, though I remain quite humble about the recognition.  Some stories push you to a higher competence than you can achieve on your own.  This story did that to me.  I can’t write any better.


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