Chapter Two

I have created several resources that can be used for each chapter of Chaos Gate. Current available resources for chapter two are found below. You may use and modify these resources as you see fit. Please provide attribution to Robert Walton if you wish to distribute outside of your classroom.

Recriprocal Questions and Cloze Activity

1. What caused Claire to fall and hurt herself?

2. Which do you think was more dangerous, the insect monster or the bear?

(Please answer this question with a full sentence. Then explain your answer with another sentence and offer proof in subsequent sentences.)

CLOZE – fill in the blanks in the sentences below from words in the word bank.

You will use only three of the words.

WORD BANK: daffodil, whimpered, uneasy, massive, moonlight, peered, fascinated, tongue

1. She walked and the lengthening shadows made her feel ______________.

2. Brilliant ________________________ shone down from almost straight above.

3. Segmented eyes ___________________ from an armored head.


[Puzzle Chapter Two]

Chaos Gate Vocabulary Search (works with all chapters)

Chapter number _____________________

Find the following words in the story text provided to you.

  • Find and write down a color word.
  • Find and write down a sound word.
  • Find and write down an action word.
  • Find and write down a scary word.
  • Find and write down a person’s name.

Write down 5 other interesting words. You choose!

Copy an action sentence:

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