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A Visit to Sam Mack Meadow recalled

Poet at work in Sam Mack Meadow

Wayne Thompson — climbing partner, photographer, friend — took a picture of me while I jotted down the rough draft of a poem. We were enjoying a rest day at eleven thousand feet, right below the Palisade Glacier. We climbed Mt. Sill the next day. Thirty plus years later, I finally got the poem right. It was just published in Your Daily Poem. Here’s the link:


Heading up for a day on the glacier. Mt. Sill is above my hat!

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El Peligroso — 2nd Ascent!

El Peligroso, my first published SF tale, was included in the 1989 Ascent, Roper and Steck’s acclaimed mountaineering anthology. I still appreciate Steve Roper’s editorial expertise in crafting this narrative about climbing’s future and am happy to share the news that El Peligroso has been published again. Correspondence with Professor Elana Gomel led to its inclusion in her exciting new book, Stanislaw Lem and His Aliens:  a Tribute and a Challenge.

Here’s the Amazon link:

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The Path to Serendipity

Well of Souls

Rumi’s path to serendipity leads past the well of souls. Please read my story and walk further on the path through the pages of Lothlorien Poetry Journal’s volume 12. You will find beauties unexpected!

Lothlorian Volume 12

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No Bivouac Tonight

Banner Peak

The Monterey Poetry Review’s Fall edition is out. I thank editor Jennifer Legier Fellguth for including a poem of mine, No Bivouac Tonight. It’s a climbing poem, so please have patience with me! Also, it’s good to connect with a local poetry group!

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A Saturday Writers Prize for Redwoods!

Photo by Jon Walton

Saturday Writers is a most supportive writers’ group. I’ve been honored over the years that they’ve chosen some of my writing for prizes in their well-organized contests. Most recently, the poem below won a 2nd place prize. It may even be published in a future anthology. I thank all the folks who administer these competitions. It’s never an easy task.


Thick robes of bark wrap round you,

Cover you in auburn 

Velvet folds.

You are ancient sages

Recording eons,

Living still. 

Oak leaves bound to life since spring

Sail down a golden sunlight wave

Through forest shadows —

Never to know silent years,

Or snows.

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Gold Country is Steinbeck Country

I love Steinbeck country — the great river, its valley and especially the Gabilans. A recent Amazon customer noticed the respect and affection I have for the great writer and his home. Here’s the review:
“Robert Walton’s Joaquin’s God: And other Tales of Old California is a great read! As a fellow native of this part of California, I’d heard similar stories and legends, and clearly recognized the settings of all the stories. Bob Walton’s writing is very reminiscent of John Steinbeck. If you like Steinbeck’s short stories, you’ll appreciate these!”

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On the Beach

I thank editors Robert Grant and Jason Christensen for including my “On the Beach” in the third issue of Abandoned Mine. The quality of the poetry in this journal is high and I’m honored by the company!

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