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Longevity is worth waiting for!

Third Flatiron’s fall/winter anthology focuses on the theme of longevity. Edtior Juliana Rew graciously included a story of mine among a collection of strong stories. “Abe in Yosemite” explores a major historical what if: what if John Wilkes Booth had failed to assassinate the President? I got to spend time with Abraham Lincoln again, always a worthwhile thing to do, and I think I did some of my best writing. You folks be the judges. It’s coming in October. Here’s a link to the preview:


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I wrote this five years ago, well pre-Trump,  but I could see where Putin was headed. Writers Resist thought so too. May courage and decency prevail over oppressors – any and all![gallery15968]/0

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Photo by Ed Jon Walton

Chip Kosty and I squeezed in a quick camping trip to Sequoia in June. We hiked, cooked and , of course, visited the big trees. I spent some time sitting on a bench, taking the place in and some good words came to me. I shared them with editor Jayne Jaudon and she shared them on Your Daily Poem. Here’s the link:


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The Civil War Revisited – Again!

The students and teachers of Chalone Peaks Middle School created a great Civil War reenactment last May. Deep learning about our shared history, superb teamwork and great fun defined the day. It was the 18th time Bull Run, Gettysburg and the Civil War camps of both armies were brought to life by all the participants. As usual, I learned from both the students and the history. I would have shared Dave Park’s wonderful photos of our 18th annual event sooner, but I missed the link back in May. Better late than never! Enjoy!



The doctor is in!


Brothers fought.

Lee listens.

Harriet Tubman teaches.

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Mountain Rules 2

I’ve had many great rock-climbing partners over the past forty-two years. Two of the first and best were Ed Foley and Lincoln Hatch. We learned the sport together and shared its great joy: stepping into and joining with mountain beauty. Sometimes we stepped into more than just beauty. That’s where climbing tales begin. Editor Larry Upshaw of Ageless Authors liked my account of a springtime adventure on Tuolumne’s granite. They awarded the story first prize and included it in their upcoming anthology. I’ll let you all know when the tome is actually published.

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Pull My Finger!

I shared many a campfire with Ed McKean, as did my sons. He told funny – if predictable! – stories for all the kids around the circle of firelight. His stories inspired me to write “Pull My Finger”, included in this anthology. Here’s the link:

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Mountain Rules

Son Jeremy and I atop Pywiack in May of 1988 on an ideal day!

In May of 1987 Ed Foley, Linc Hatch and I went to the Sierras in May for some early season rock climbing. We ended up having more of an adventure than we’d planned – as sometimes happens in the mountains – when a violent snowstorm hit us mid-climb. I wrote about our “epic” in my journal and later polished it up a bit for potential publication. It looks like that will happen pretty soon! The reminiscence won a prize in the Ageless Authors competition. I absolutely make no claim to being ageless, but I’m glad they liked the story. I’ll share it with you when it’s available. Meanwhile, here’s a link to the article:

A view of Tenaya Lake from Pywiack’s summit on a sunny May day in 1988

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