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Posted: Wednesday, Dec 8th, 2010

BY: Sean Roney (King City Rustler)

Numerous people kept Sol Treasures crowded with fans for a local author’s book signing.

Local author Bob Walton held a book signing last Thursday at Sol Treasures Arts and Cultural Enrichment Center for his latest novel, “Chaos Gate.” Though he signed books through the entire evening event, Walton’s first half hour was spent signing books from fans, many of whom had bought multiple copies. Throughout the event, he wore his author’s shirt made for him by the late Betty Anderson, featuring a dragon and a lemon tree.

“I figured this is the best venue for the arts in South County,” said Walton of Sol Treasures when asked about his choice of venue for the book signing. “I appreciate the heck out of all the stuff they’ve done.”

While Walton signed books and visited with guests, Sol Treasures volunteers provided refreshments and took care of the book sales.

When asked about his reaction to the turnout, Walton said, “I didn’t know what to expect. I just hoped everybody would come and have a good time. And it looks like they are.”

The crowd at the event not only chatted with the author, but visited with each other in the art gallery.

Walton said, “Sometimes you’ll find an author at a book store and it’s like a production line. But here all these people know each other and are friends. It’s a good chance to catch up at another friendly event. It’s one of the things that makes a small town wonderful.”

The novel on sale last Thursday was “Chaos Gate,” which was published in September by Yorkshire Publishing in Oklahoma. The fantasy novel is a sequel to Walton’s earlier work, “The Dragon and the Lemon Tree,” and continue the adventures of Mere Rowan.

Writing in the fantasy genre has something that Walton said has been an interest since he read C. S. Lewis’ Narnia stories when he was young. “I had never read fantasy before,” said Walton. “I’ve re-read those stories many times over the years to my classes and to my kids. The idea of fantasy really appealed to me. I’ve been doing it now for close to 40 years.”

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