One Percent

photo 3 copy

Photo of NYC street scene by Jon Walton

Editor Grace Black included a poem of mine in the June/July issue of Ink in Thirds. It’s a classy magazine and I appreciate the honor. You’ll have to scroll a bit.  Here’s the link:


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2 responses to “One Percent

  1. Bonnie Haas

    Thank you, Robert….read all entries and by the time I read yours, the tears flowed freely. Such a life, a world, a universe we believe we are…pain, madness, decay, hopelessness…and yet, there’s this place of bliss, peace, quiet, lucidity within from where we can watch or withdraw from this ever changing panorama. I’m having to often take breaks from the madness of this latest election process…understanding that it, too, will pass and life will go on as it always will. You are a dear friend, and I cherish that.

  2. Thanks, Bonnie. I much appreciate your ongoing interest in my writing!

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