Joaquin Murrieta Rides Again

As you folks know by now, I have an abiding interest in historical fiction.  One of my ongoing projects (just entering its fourth decade!) centers on Joaquin Murrieta.  The legendary bandit is one of my favorite characters and I’ve put him back in the saddle three times this year.  One of those stories, “The Wreck of the Annabelle Lee”, was awarded second place in Moonlight Mesa’s annual Cowboy Up western fiction contest.  Becky Coffield is the editor and publisher of Moonlight Mesa and I very much appreciate her work in organizing this contest.  It affords me a yearly opportunity to send Joaquin back into the California night.  Of course, I’ve hoped for more than thirty years now that I can interest someone in publishing a collection of his adventures.  I’ve written a quite respectable number of them and I even enjoy reading them myself!  That’s not something a writer can always say.


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2 responses to “Joaquin Murrieta Rides Again

  1. Wayne Thompson

    Another great job, Bob. I believe your Joaquin Murrieta stories will have a great chance of more readership now that more people are seeing on the internet. Not to mention that your descriptive and visual language pulled the reader into your stories.

  2. Hi, Robert–thought I’d introduce myself, as we were co-winners of The Galaxy Project. Also, it’s very cool for me to note that you are a mountaineer–I have done a small amount of climbing myself, but I come from a family of mountaineers. My dad, Don Forest, was the first person to climb all the mountains in the Canadian Rockies over 11,000 ft (53 peaks) and the Interior Ranges of BC over 11,000 ft (11 peaks), as well as the oldest person to Climb Canada’s highest mountain, Mt. Logan (at the age of 60). My sister is one of 7 female full mountain guides in Canada. Can you tell I am proud of my family? So, we connect on more than one level. Good to meet you! Look forward to reading “Vienna Station.”
    Susan Forest

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